Thursday, August 20, 2009


Introducing my new line of sleepwear. The night gown is inspired by a vintage gown that I got at an antique mall. It is 100% cotton and made in the french heirloom sewing style. It is full length and a one size fits most.

I trimmed the neck with a vintage vanity scarf from my collection, I like to use vintage items when I can, they add so much to the look of vintage but yet new. I used part of the vanity scarf for the pocket to keep the look flowing.

Notice the intricate work on the lace inserts, this lace is called entredeux which basically means between. The lace is from my collection of vintage lace that I collect when and where ever I can. The lace where the ribbon is woven thru is called beading and is especially for that purpose,weaving ribbon.

Adding the entredeux to the hem line makes it very dressy even tho the material is cotton. I hope you enjoy the new line and check back often as I will be adding more soon.
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