Thursday, December 2, 2010

Marie Antionette style

One of my latest, it is a wall pocket just hang it on the wall and put what ever strikes your fancy in the pocket. I used felted wool that I made from and old wool jacket, it is creamy and soft. All the trimmings are from my stash, I have tons of lace, mostly vintage, buttons by the gallon, ribbon by the boxes, and I mean big boxes, and everything else you can think of.
The fabulous silk print of a flower was one I got at a garage sale too sweet, there were several in this old envelope, all for .50 cents, the sad thing is I have lost them, and this is the only one I got to use. I hope they turn up in one of my piles of to do crafts.

I think this is so pretty it would make a beautiful greeting card. I may have to give that a go. This is the latest but not the last.

$19.95 SOLD 6/8 11

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

vintage style powder pufff

What a romantic addition to your vanity, or picture it by your slipper tub to use after your bath to apply your bath powder. It would make a beautiful decoration in any feminine room. Pretty pink puff, soft and ready for use.
In the close up below you can see the detail of the ribbon roses and leaves, as well as the berries. Pink and green are the main colors with just a touch of blue. There is a bit of glitter on the green free form flower, sparkle is always nice.
It measures 12' from tip to tip and is 7" across.
Price $24.95
Shipping $5.00

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

door hanger do not disturb

This is an original design, I used satin, taffeta, and other dress maker materials to make the patchwork background, then embellished with vintage lace, ribbons, embroidery, vintage buttons and beads. Below you can get an over all view , it would be a wonderful addition to a wedding present or for someone who was convalescing or someone who just wanted some privacy. The love is in the details my friend always says, so I try to add a lot of detail.

Notice the tiny rose buds they are done with ribbon embroidery, I use silk ribbon for that and it makes it so pretty. I embroidered the patches with different crazy quilt stitches. The vintage lace at the top and bottom of the writing was hand dyed. I added a few beads and the vintage buttons by the ribbon hanger just finishes it off.
This door hanger is 7" across, by 5" top to bottom
$4.95 shipping

Friday, April 30, 2010

vintage satin box with ribbon flowers

Here it is my latest offering, it is a vintage satin hankie box trimmed with hand crafted ribbon flowers. I love making the ribbon flowers, the large white rose in the center was a new idea and it worked out beautifully, notice the organdy ribbon mixed in with the satin. In this close up you can see how the organdy ribbon adds a bit of sparkle and femininity to the all ready beautiful rose. This is a very lovely combination of colors and goes well with the pink satin of the vintage box.
I hope you can see the added sparkle of the beaded dangles, yes that is what they call them dangles. I just started making them and they are fun and add a bit of texture and variety to the arrangement.

Here you can get an overall view of the box, it is an 8" square,3"s high and would be lovely on a vanity ,dresser, or any room, use it to hold any treasure, jewelry, love letters, I have one on my vanity to hide my make up in.
shipping $6.95