Friday, April 30, 2010

vintage satin box with ribbon flowers

Here it is my latest offering, it is a vintage satin hankie box trimmed with hand crafted ribbon flowers. I love making the ribbon flowers, the large white rose in the center was a new idea and it worked out beautifully, notice the organdy ribbon mixed in with the satin. In this close up you can see how the organdy ribbon adds a bit of sparkle and femininity to the all ready beautiful rose. This is a very lovely combination of colors and goes well with the pink satin of the vintage box.
I hope you can see the added sparkle of the beaded dangles, yes that is what they call them dangles. I just started making them and they are fun and add a bit of texture and variety to the arrangement.

Here you can get an overall view of the box, it is an 8" square,3"s high and would be lovely on a vanity ,dresser, or any room, use it to hold any treasure, jewelry, love letters, I have one on my vanity to hide my make up in.
shipping $6.95

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