Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage style padded hanger

This is a darling padded hanger, the embroidery is vintage taken from a damaged piece. I used no pattern so the design is original. It is made on a vintage wooden hanger, I have a hard time finding them these days. The cluney lace comes from my vintage stash that I have been collecting for over 30 years.
I did the feather stitch embroidery around the kitten motif, and I made the yo yo's. the lace is white but looks pink because of the back ground it was filmed on.
I think this would be darling in a child's room, it has the cottage feel so it would work there too, picture it in a powder room with a nightie hanging on it.
$5.75 shipping
SOLD Feb. 22 2011


  1. Very precious. It is a dorable.
    Meryy Christmas and May god bless you and your family,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  2. Love it! I love embroidery, lace, etc. and this "has it all!"

  3. hoping you and family are well :)