Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage style padded hanger

This is a darling padded hanger, the embroidery is vintage taken from a damaged piece. I used no pattern so the design is original. It is made on a vintage wooden hanger, I have a hard time finding them these days. The cluney lace comes from my vintage stash that I have been collecting for over 30 years.
I did the feather stitch embroidery around the kitten motif, and I made the yo yo's. the lace is white but looks pink because of the back ground it was filmed on.
I think this would be darling in a child's room, it has the cottage feel so it would work there too, picture it in a powder room with a nightie hanging on it.
$5.75 shipping
SOLD Feb. 22 2011

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

French Heirloom Style Pillow

I made this darling pillow using the french heirloom sewing technique. It is a very intense style of sewing using many steps, the results are beautiful.It is used in clothing and home decorating, I used it on the night gown in the other post.The pillow is made from 100 % cotton. I did the embroidery, pink daises and green leaves on the front, and a feather stitch for detail on the back.
A better view of the hand embroidery. Notice the ruching going down the center, it is one of my favorite details. The lace in the side panels is entre-deux, it is the cause of the intensity of the sewing style. The entre-deux is from my vintage lace collection. I also trimmed the edge of the ruffle with lace from my collection.

Here you can see the back detail the pink feather stitch is such a good finishing touch, as are the vintage green buttons, also from my collection of vintage sewing items.
The pillow measures 11" by 9" with a 2 1/4" ruffle.
$21.95 for the pillow
$5.75 shipping
I know that seems like a lot for shipping, I just sent one and the shipping was $8.79.
I am will to make up the difference.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Introducing my new line of sleepwear. The night gown is inspired by a vintage gown that I got at an antique mall. It is 100% cotton and made in the french heirloom sewing style. It is full length and a one size fits most.

I trimmed the neck with a vintage vanity scarf from my collection, I like to use vintage items when I can, they add so much to the look of vintage but yet new. I used part of the vanity scarf for the pocket to keep the look flowing.

Notice the intricate work on the lace inserts, this lace is called entredeux which basically means between. The lace is from my collection of vintage lace that I collect when and where ever I can. The lace where the ribbon is woven thru is called beading and is especially for that purpose,weaving ribbon.

Adding the entredeux to the hem line makes it very dressy even tho the material is cotton. I hope you enjoy the new line and check back often as I will be adding more soon.
You may purchase this gown for
$7.75 shipping
You can contact me at my e-mail that is on my side bar.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bird Nest in box.

Birds nest are so popular these days, perfect for the cottage look, even shabby, and country. I made this cutie from tree twigs and clematis vine. I think it turned out adorable. The nest is about 3" by 2 1/2". It is lined with sweet grass and feathers, the ribbon roses are handcrafted as are the wool felted eggs, the birdie is free clip art and I covered him with glitter for extra sparkle. This is the way the nest is presented, in a blue box, the box is 4" square x 2 1/2" high. The box is trimmed with a picture of a bird in a nest, done in glitter.

You can see the detail on the top of the box. The lace is vintage from my stash.

A view of the side of the box. This would make a wonderful gift, already in it's own box.
Add this to your home decor., for just $16.75 plus $4.50 shipping.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is my latest offering, this Victorian vintage style needle case. You can read the story behind it on my other blog Roses In winter, there is a link on my side bar. This little needle case is just about a 3" square, it is made from recycled velvet, silk, and flannel, and vintage lace. The picture is a photo transfer on dupioni silk. The ribbon embroidery is also silk.
On the inside you can see there are 2 pages for the needles , I added the seam binding down the center to add interest.
This would be a wonderful addition to any sewing basket, or tuck into a gift for a friend who sews.
$8.75 plus $2.50 shipping This item has sold.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pink bird pillow

This is my latest bird pillow. It is my own design, the bird is satin and I applique it on and add the feathers with embroidery. I use dupione silk for the body of the pillow, here I used pink, cream, and soft green. In this close up you can see I used vintage lace behind part of the birdie, and vintage lace on either side.
You can also see the embroidered feathers,in pink, green and yellow.
On the back I made a sham finish and embroidered with a feather stitch for added detail. the buttons are vintage. It would make a great gift or addition to your home decor.
The pillow is aprox. 12" square and has a poly fill form.
It is $19.75 plus $4.75 shipping Sold

Monday, June 8, 2009

Butterfly Pincushion

This is my latest creation, I had thought about if for quite sometime before I felt I could do it the way I wanted it to look. It came out pretty much as I anticipated. It was fun to make. The butterfly and the base are made from felted wool, and the flowers are handcrafted by me from ribbon. The darling little strawberry is from hand dyed velvet, with seed beads for the berries seeds.
This is a close up of the butterfly landing by the flowers. I made it's little feelers from stamens.
In this close up you can see how pretty the flowers are, I like the complementary color scheme of the lavender and yellow.

Just $22.50 plus $4.50 shipping
It would make such a wonderful gift for the sewer in your life, or just treat yourself. I think also it would be very attractive on a vanity table with lapel pin in it.
SOLD 2/11/10

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am in love with this darling pincushion, it turned out so pretty. The Burgundy velvet just matches the hand painted rose on the little pitcher.
You can see the tiny velvet strawberry, it is in the same color tones as the pitcher. I have used seed beads for the seed of the strawberry, and seam binding for the calyx. The stem of the berry is a crystal bead and seed beads.

Pink ribbon flowers finish it off, there are 2 pink satin rose buds, 1 filler flower and 1 large ribbon rose made form a multi colored ribbon of satin and organdy, the leaves are wired ribbon.
You can add this little darling to your sewing accessories for $22.00 plus $4.85 shipping.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mini party hat lampshade blue

Here is the latest mini Party hat lampshade. It is a cutie, I covered the shade with vintage lace and added a ribbon pansy as the feature flower, the 2 roses and the pansy are made from satin ribbon. The fuchsias that are hanging down have beaded stems. I put Ivory gimp around the bottom of the shade. There is a big ivory satin ribbon behind the flower arrangement, and the blue bow is also satin ribbon. Some of my ribbons are older and I buy vintage when ever I can.
You can get a better view of the flowers and lace here. I like the blue and the chartruse they are such a good contrast. the back ground lace is of 2 variety's, one is over all and the other is just scattered overlays.
This cutie is $22.50 plus $4.50 S&H. You can also see it at my Esty.

SOLD 2/24/2010

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mini Dress Form

This darling dress form is made form felted wool ( I use as many recycled materials as I can). It has a very rich look and feel. It is 9" high from base to top and the form itself is 5" high, and aprox 3" across the shoulder. It is decorated with hand crafted ribbon roses.
These ribbon roses are made from pink satin ribbon, and rayon seam binding, the leaves are made from variegated ribbon. The little jewel that is hanging down from the shoulder is part of an earring that I added a freshwater pink pearl and a crystal to. (see it in the first picture) I also added a semi precious stone to the base of the ribbons that are hanging down from the waist.
The little MOP button is so precious, I use vintage buttons where ever I can. The small lace medallion on the right bottom is vintage as well. The larger flower on the left is made from silk and hand dyed to look like a spring blossom.

I had such fun making the base, it is a vintage wooden thread spool, I don't know if you get thread on a wooden spool any more. I painted it and covered the center part with lining material
and made a ruffle of the same material to cover the base. The bow is recycled lace, and the rose is made from wired ribbon.
I am offering this darling dress form for the modest price of $18.95 plus S.H of $4.50

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party Hat Lampshade Deux

Here it is my new party hat lampshade. It is so cute just 4 1/2" high and 2 3/4" across the top 5" across the bottom. It is all spring with pink,green, and yellow. It is covered with hand crafted ribbon flowers, the shade itself is covered in a lovely cream color lace and trimmed with a lovely green beaded trim.
This picture really shows off the center flower, notice the organdy ribbon flower as the center of this loop Rosette. Organdy ribbon is tucked here and there to give it that fairy dust look.

This is the left side, don't you love the pink flower with the small yellow ones accenting it. The lace that is woven thru out it is from England, a wonderful 100% cotton.
We have the right side here a bit different from the left it shows how it all meets in the back. I love the striped organdy ribbon that is woven in with the lace. It would make a fun gift for that girlie girl, or add it to your own decor.
You can buy it now for only $22.95 plus S&H of $4.00

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cute Vintage Peddlers Packs

I think this is the cutest little pack of good stuff. It has 8 different cute things, some for sewing, some are vintage, all are quite use able in your crafting. The color cordinated tags could also be used in your crafting or scrapbooking.
This is a close up of the package with the blue ribbon. you can see the porcelain roses and the beads and buttons.
Each pack have the same items.
I am in love with the pink one of course. The pink porcelain roses would be so cute on just about anything. Notice the clothespin with the vintage lace, the tag says the amount of lace on the pin. There is a pack of buttons, and 2 packs of beads, also their is a vintage button card, and a small battenburg doily
The packs are$8.75 each + S.H. of $3.00 ea. Contact me thru the comments or my E-mail that is on my side bar.

Velvet Strawberries

These cute lil guys are created from my hand dyed velvet. The one on the left is shades of pink with a touch of lavender. The one on the right is pale peach tones. I hand sewed all the seed beads on, they match the color of the berry. The berries are about 3" long. and 2" across.
You can see the lace cap on this pink one, this lace is so beautiful it is from England, I have a few pieces of it and use it sparingly.

I used organdy ribbon for the cap of this one, and the green is rayon seam binding. I love the rayon seam binding it is soft like silk ribbon but not as spendie. These berries can be hung from a hook or just put in a pretty container and look cute.
They are all wrapped up in the cello bags ready for their trip to your house.
Each berry is $8.25 + S.H of 3.00 If you buy more than one thing I can lessen the shipping a bit.

All Sold

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pastel cupcakes Baby Cakes

I am crazy about these cupcakes, I call them "Baby Cakes" a nick-name I had ages ago. They are packaged so cute in the cellophane bags, just like you would get at the bakery, only with a header and tag labels. These can be made in any color, if you have a preference. I made the pinks and blues because those colors just make me happy.
I used pink gingham for the base on this one with the pretty pink and white calico for the cake part. It is trimmed with white lace, with a ribbon flower pansy on top with green leaves.

Again the gingham for the base, this time in blue with the tiny leaf print for the cake in blues. White lace trim with a yellow yo yo topped by blue berries, and green leaves.

A mix of the pink and blue here, with a different lace trim with embroidery thread thread tied around it. This one is topped by a pink ribbon rose and a couple of tiny white roses and green leaves. ( the white roses are on the back.)
The cupcakes are aprox. 3 1/2" high and 6" across the top from the base of the cup part on one side to the base on the other side, it is about 10" around the center.

Enjoy your"Baby Cakes" cupcakes for just $13.95 + S.H. of $4.75
I can make them in different colors and fabric if you have a special request.
Please contact me in comments or by my e-mail that is listed on my side bar.

Party Hat Lamp Shade

This lamp shade is for a flame type bulb. It is so VERY cute, all pink, cream, and green. The ribbon flowers are make of organdy ribbon, and satin ribbon, the leaves are rayon binding and satin ribbon. The shade is covered in a very nice lace that I recycled from a garage sale find. I think the lace that is woven in with the pink ribbon is very pretty it is 100% cotton also recycled. recycling to me is part of being green and I do as much of it as I can.
I like how this close up shows the cream colored fushias that are hanging from seed beads. You can see the tiny pink ribbon rose peeking out under the lace. The shade is 5 and 3/4 inches tall, by 3" across the top and 5" across the bottom.
This darling lamp shade can adorn your accent lamp for just $24.95 + S.H of $ 4.75
Please contact me thru comments or use my e-mail that is on the side bar.

--------------------Tea bags

This cute little "Tea Bag" is a pretty pink patchwork featuring appliqued roses, with a black and rhinestone accent. The handle is satin cording also in pink. It is approximately 8" wide by 7" deep. This is a close up of the label inside with "Tea Bag" embroidered on it. Click on picture to enlarge.
This charming bag can accompany you to afternoon tea, shopping, or even out on the town.
It is 100% cotton with satin accents.
$22.95 + S.&H. of $4.00
If you are interested please let me know in comments how I can contact you. I will have my e-mail in a side bar on this blog.