Monday, July 13, 2009

Bird Nest in box.

Birds nest are so popular these days, perfect for the cottage look, even shabby, and country. I made this cutie from tree twigs and clematis vine. I think it turned out adorable. The nest is about 3" by 2 1/2". It is lined with sweet grass and feathers, the ribbon roses are handcrafted as are the wool felted eggs, the birdie is free clip art and I covered him with glitter for extra sparkle. This is the way the nest is presented, in a blue box, the box is 4" square x 2 1/2" high. The box is trimmed with a picture of a bird in a nest, done in glitter.

You can see the detail on the top of the box. The lace is vintage from my stash.

A view of the side of the box. This would make a wonderful gift, already in it's own box.
Add this to your home decor., for just $16.75 plus $4.50 shipping.


  1. I love it.Very pretty.I love birds nest.XXOO Marie Antionette

  2. Love the box Wanda!!! Very prteet.Just checking in with you and crab your link to put on my blog.I thought I had it already.My Bad...LOL.Doing a little better.XXOO Marie Antionette
    PS Showing off my crown and goodies to everyone that comes over,It is a big Hit.Makes some crowns and put them in your shop.