Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pastel cupcakes Baby Cakes

I am crazy about these cupcakes, I call them "Baby Cakes" a nick-name I had ages ago. They are packaged so cute in the cellophane bags, just like you would get at the bakery, only with a header and tag labels. These can be made in any color, if you have a preference. I made the pinks and blues because those colors just make me happy.
I used pink gingham for the base on this one with the pretty pink and white calico for the cake part. It is trimmed with white lace, with a ribbon flower pansy on top with green leaves.

Again the gingham for the base, this time in blue with the tiny leaf print for the cake in blues. White lace trim with a yellow yo yo topped by blue berries, and green leaves.

A mix of the pink and blue here, with a different lace trim with embroidery thread thread tied around it. This one is topped by a pink ribbon rose and a couple of tiny white roses and green leaves. ( the white roses are on the back.)
The cupcakes are aprox. 3 1/2" high and 6" across the top from the base of the cup part on one side to the base on the other side, it is about 10" around the center.

Enjoy your"Baby Cakes" cupcakes for just $13.95 + S.H. of $4.75
I can make them in different colors and fabric if you have a special request.
Please contact me in comments or by my e-mail that is listed on my side bar.


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  2. Hi Wanda, Very cute cupcakes and I really like the lampshade too.

  3. Love the cupcakes and the lamp shade! Thanks for stopping by and for yoour kind words. Since you love tea party you should join us on April 5, you can just do a cup and a plate or your cute cupcakes would look so good with a tea setting. You shoud join in. Let me know if you want to join us with your lovely cupcakes.

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