Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cute Vintage Peddlers Packs

I think this is the cutest little pack of good stuff. It has 8 different cute things, some for sewing, some are vintage, all are quite use able in your crafting. The color cordinated tags could also be used in your crafting or scrapbooking.
This is a close up of the package with the blue ribbon. you can see the porcelain roses and the beads and buttons.
Each pack have the same items.
I am in love with the pink one of course. The pink porcelain roses would be so cute on just about anything. Notice the clothespin with the vintage lace, the tag says the amount of lace on the pin. There is a pack of buttons, and 2 packs of beads, also their is a vintage button card, and a small battenburg doily
The packs are$8.75 each + S.H. of $3.00 ea. Contact me thru the comments or my E-mail that is on my side bar.


  1. Hi Wanda,
    thanks for stopping by. wow you have some gorgeous things here. all so pretty. love your creations and goody packages.hope all is well. I've been busy here shoving boxes and bins here and there in the garage today, trying to make things look nice. Tomorrow will most likely include a trip to the hardware to buy mulch to replinish flower beds to get the yard looking pretty again. hope you are having a good week. the new blog looks great. hope it does really well for you.

  2. Hi Wanda! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, "Wanda" is not such a common name. I am definitely a "Wanda" though...I don't think any other name would fit! Your packages are so beautiful. The soft colors and combination of things are dreamy. Such great ideas for special people!

  3. HEllo WAnda.. WOW.. great blog you have here.. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.. I get totaly lost sometimes.. LOve all the ribbon flowers and beautiful work you do.. The contrators are here today working on our house FINALY... I will post photos on my blog as they progress.. huggggggggggggggggggggggggggs

  4. Thank you for posting on my blog!:) I need to update mine! Maybe tomorrow....:) Jen

  5. Hi Wanda.....

    I read your profile and I had to look where you lived when you said you lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world.....I DO TOO!! We live in the Pacific Northwest as well......isn't it just too pretty?

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Kind regards,

  6. A lovely site.XXOO Marie Antionette

  7. I like what is going on here. Pretty things and nicely done too. Thanks as always for visiting me. Comments always great.
    aloha Lilla

  8. Hi Wanda!

    You make the cutest little packages!! I love the cupcakes below as well. I may have to purchase one of those. :)

  9. hey Wanda ! :) bonjour ! this is a new blog ? i really love your little bags and those pretty strawberries are so adorable ! You have so much talent so please, do not compare yours to mine. thanks so much for the sweet things you said about my dolls.
    have anice sunny sping day :)
    warm blessings from monique