Monday, June 8, 2009

Butterfly Pincushion

This is my latest creation, I had thought about if for quite sometime before I felt I could do it the way I wanted it to look. It came out pretty much as I anticipated. It was fun to make. The butterfly and the base are made from felted wool, and the flowers are handcrafted by me from ribbon. The darling little strawberry is from hand dyed velvet, with seed beads for the berries seeds.
This is a close up of the butterfly landing by the flowers. I made it's little feelers from stamens.
In this close up you can see how pretty the flowers are, I like the complementary color scheme of the lavender and yellow.

Just $22.50 plus $4.50 shipping
It would make such a wonderful gift for the sewer in your life, or just treat yourself. I think also it would be very attractive on a vanity table with lapel pin in it.
SOLD 2/11/10


  1. That is just gorgeous!! Beautiful creation.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. oh Wanda, your pincushion is so lovely! i just love the fabric the adorable butterfly and all the colors you mixed into this beauty. thanks for the kind words you left on my blog.
    itwas nice sailing and relaxing all week end long, i think i needed some rest. i even had the time to go back to knitting a cute pair of socks.
    have a great week end :)

  3. hi Wanda:) thanks for stopping over to visit with me...i saw that you asked about making crowns...i have never made one myself, but i imagine you could do a blog search for "crown tutorial" and come up with something...i hope you find what you need...your pincushions are all so lovely!!!

  4. hi again Wanda, i don't know if you still need to make a crown...but i did find a wonderful tutorial for a paper one here:
    sorry, i couldn't find a email...

  5. hi, sorry the link didn't work...if you go on my sidebar and click on "creative chaos" in my friends to visit blog will see the crown tutorial on her sidebar...good luck...if you can't find it, you can email me, my email is on my profile...and i can send you the link that way...