Tuesday, May 4, 2010

door hanger do not disturb

This is an original design, I used satin, taffeta, and other dress maker materials to make the patchwork background, then embellished with vintage lace, ribbons, embroidery, vintage buttons and beads. Below you can get an over all view , it would be a wonderful addition to a wedding present or for someone who was convalescing or someone who just wanted some privacy. The love is in the details my friend always says, so I try to add a lot of detail.

Notice the tiny rose buds they are done with ribbon embroidery, I use silk ribbon for that and it makes it so pretty. I embroidered the patches with different crazy quilt stitches. The vintage lace at the top and bottom of the writing was hand dyed. I added a few beads and the vintage buttons by the ribbon hanger just finishes it off.
This door hanger is 7" across, by 5" top to bottom
$4.95 shipping


  1. Hello Wanda,
    long time.Sorry about not visiting much,with Bill being home,I'm lucky I can use the puter at all.
    How are you Dear?
    Your door hang is the cutest.And you are so right...Your details are the very best. It shows you care about the beautiful things you make.
    I'm making a wedding doll right now .Its supose to be for a friend,but i think I may end up selling it.I hate doing an order.You never know if the person will follow up.You tske care this very hot summer.XXOO Marie Antionette

  2. Wanda, this is the prettiest door hanger I've ever seen. Your handwork is just beautiful!

    xo Rella