Tuesday, September 6, 2011

French style Mini journal

An original hand crafted journal. I learned how to do this on my online art group. This is a journal that can be constructed from all kinds of different papers, pages from books, sheet music, drawings, maps, ledgers, any thing you can find and want to use, I have even made the pages from vintage linens in many other journals in this style. This one is mostly paper from old books.
I made the inside cover from blue dupioni silk and stamped it with a pretty swirl stamp. The first page is from an old farmers almanac with some pretty blue flowers added.
Notice the map on the left pages, you can see a bit of sheet music to the right. You can stamp on these pages, add photos, and even journal.
The cover is constructed from vintage linens and lace, with silk ribbon flowers, and vintage buttons, I added some feather stitching and beads as an added accent. The journal is 6 1/2" high by 5" wide. 11 2011
Price$15.00 Sold 11, 2011
Shipping $3.75

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