Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art journal blue and yellow

This is the latest art journal, the cover is a collage of vintage linens and handcrafted ribbon flowers, with a bit of embroidery, and plenty of vintage lace. the accent colors are blue and yellow.
Sheet music and other vintage publications make up the 22 pages. I used stamps, clip art and original art, plus more lace, fabric and tags, to decorate the pages.
I like this page on the left, I used a collage paper and a french style stamp to make it.

Th rooster is a stamp from a group of french style stamps, and the pocket holding the decoupaged tags is a great find at the fabric store. This journal 6"x 6" and would make a lovely gift for a dear friend, or spoil yourself and keep it. :)
price $25.00
shipping $6.00


  1. great work...I find this so inspirational...you make me want to play with vintage papers and stamps today too, but I'm busy here in the studio working on a new art series.....so much to do.....so little time to do it all in!

    I am sure your beautiful creation will go quick....but sometimes it can be hard to part with our art, non?

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  2. What a beautiful piece. Thanks for visiting me yesterday Wanda. I look forward to checking out your earlier posts. Take care,


  3. what a beautiful journal! Thanks for stopping by my blog, your's is just beautiful..I'm a follower now! :O)