Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Felted wool butterfly pincushion

My latest, made from up cycled felted wool. This is my original design, and completely handcrafted by me. The flowers are also made by me, the lavender wired ribbon pansy is one of my favorite flowers to make, the leaves and the yellow flowers are crafted from rayon seam binding, and the tiny lavender roses are made from satin ribbon.
A close up of the butterfly, it is crafted from a double layer of an old felted sweater. I used a lavender embroidery thread to out line the butterfly and hold it together.
You get a full view here, it measures 4 1/2" across and is about 4 1/2" from bottom to the top of the butterfly's wing. The hand dyed velvet strawberry is full of emery to sharpen your needles, it is also hand crafted by me, I used seed beads for the berry seeds and the leaves are velvet. check it out on my ETSY
Price $22.00
shipping $5.50


  1. Your pincushion is beautiful. The addition of your lovely flowers adds just the right touch of elegance. Blissful creating...

  2. Hi Wanda that's really pretty, you make pretty things!

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