Wednesday, November 30, 2011

French style mini pouch

Close up of the handcrafted flowers. These were made from gold satin and gold organdy, they were made by holding the petals over a candle to singe and curl the edges, they are held together by a crystal bead. The small flowers are crafted from satin ribbon and the leaves are made from silk ribbon.
You can see the vintage lace used for the trim at the top. I have added a vintage butterfly pin to compliment the flowers.
A full view, the pouch is aprox. 7" by 5" and is fully lined. It would make a fabulous gift bag, but how about an evening bag to hold just the necessity's.

Price $14.95
Shipping $4.75


  1. It's very pretty, Wanda. The lace that you've set it all on is very lovely too.

  2. OMG those flowers are sooo gorgeous!!! and I think the butterfly is the perfect finishing touch.
    Dot x

  3. Ohhh so sweet mini pouch. Its look wonderful and fantastic. And flower is so wonderful.

    a boards uk